It took a man, a can, and a great plan to invent what we know today as Hairspray.

It all happened during World War II when the aerosol can was developed ?by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. They were making a form of insect repellant, for soldiers, to prevent Malaria.

The first aerosol ?hair lacquer made it onto the beauty market in 1948.

Then, in ?1950, Helene Curtis invented her own spray and everyone was a fan. The company used the term “Hairspray”.

The term has been used ever since then.

The Beehives, once-a-week sets, and coiffed hairstyles made hairspray a household and salon name for itself in the 50’s and 60’s.


imageThe 1964 the Beetles ventured in to the beauty industry with their Beetles Hairspray.

Currently, the appraisal value for an actual can of Beetles Hairspray can can go anywhere from $295 – $10,000 for avid Beetles collectors and fans.

The 50’s and 60’s styles were good to the hairspray brand. While, ?in the 70’s hairspray?wasn’t such a necessity for the hippie era.


My Hairspray favorites, I believe everyone should have in their product wardrobe in this century, are?Your Hair Assistant Perfecting Spray by Davines and any of the Moroccanoil Hairsprays. These sprays have the perfect hold factor. Not too heavy. Not too light. And, best of all, these professional hair sprays do not build up on the hair like the other hairsprays on the market.

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