I’ve had a lot of questions about Hair Painting. What is it?

So, there are four basic Hair Painting techniques that I provide. They are Flamboyage, Balayage, Foiling, and Ombre. With these four techniques, combined with your hair color options, your hair cut, and texture. The possibilities are endless.

With that in mind, here’s the break down of these beautiful Hair Painting techniques that I offer.


Flamboyage is my favorite Hair Painting technique. This low maintenance hair coloring service is a cross between Ombre and Balayage. I use a sticky mesh ?strip and it randomly picks up hair creating a natural, organic, diffused look, with your hair color.


The Ombre Hair Painting technique is created by making a darker root area and then it fades into a lighter solid shade at the ends of the hair. You notice a more severe contrast.


The Balayage Hair Painting technique is all free-handed as the hair color is painted onto the hair. It gives you a bolder natural effect with more contrast between colors.



The Foiling technique has been around for a while. I can create added dimension using up to three different colors, and the foils help to keep colors separate. Great for Blondes, Brunettes and Redheads!

Remember, certain haircuts go better with certain Hair Painting techniques and always consult with your Stylist. Also, Pictures?speak 1000 words when describing your next hair coloring service .

Reserve your next Hair Painting service.

See you soon!

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