Winter Hair Relief


Winter officially showed up a few days ago and, living in a cold and snowy climate, old man winter tries to mess up a great hair day the moment you set foot outside. Here are a few tips and tricks that will help along the way this beautiful winter season.


There is a better way to deep condition and receive the maximum benefits your deep conditioner has to offer.

Start with a detoxifying shampoo/treatment to remove any build-up in the hair. By removing any build-up, your conditioner can penetrate the hair better and receive it’s maximum benefits. Always leave on the amount of time directed and, if you can stand it, rinse your conditioner out of your hair with cool or cold water. This helps seal down the cuticle of the hair, locks it in, and gives you beautiful natural shine.


I have three perfect recommendations for static and unruly flyaway hair this winter season. Their names are OI Oil by Davines, Moroccanoil, and Neuma Aragan Oil.

Fine Hair textures can use hair oils contrary to popular beliefs. Typically when you think of oil, you think heavy and greasy. Not so my friends. There are conditioning lightweight hair oils that work wonders. A little dab will do and less is always more.

Moisture Hair Fix Leave-ins

After your detox and deep conditioning, towel dry your hair, put ?your choice of Aragan Oil in your hair and comb through. Finally, spray in Neuma Moisture Fix or OI Hair Milk by Davines into your hair and comb through. Blow dry or air dry your hair.

Shampoo Less

Shampoo less, and use good hair care products. Maximize ?your second and third day hair with messy ponytails or a classic messy bun.

Your natural oils are here for a reason. To protect and naturally hydrate. If, you feel too oily add a dry shampoo into your routine. It absorbs the oils without stripping them from your hair.

Add a Detox and Deep Conditioning Treatment ($50) to your next hair color or haircut service.


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