Your hair is the crown you never take off.

It’s a fact. A women’s hair is her crown and glory. Whether you wear it long, short, or anywhere in between. If your going to wear it, wear it well. Why wouldn’t you want to be the best possible version of yourself?

Let’s talk about it.

A thorough consultation is essential to any great haircut and haircolor. I believe that pictures speak 1000 words when consulting with your stylist. I’m always upfront and honest with all of my guests about what is going to work with their specific hair type. What specific goals do you have for your hair? Are you growing it out into a new style? Are you looking for a new hair color? Do you feel like your hair color is not covering the grey? Everyone has specific needs for their style, their hair type, their facial features and so much more. So when consulting, I take this all into account to truly customize the most complementary look for you as an individual.
Life gets boring when we all look the same. I like to celebrate individuality through each haircut and haircolor that I create for each and every person that sits in my chair.

I use Davines Haircare Essentials, Davines More Inside Styling products, and Mask with Vibrachrom by Davines for my hair color of choice. The results amaze me every time and the hair color conditions as it colors giving you the healthiest version of your own hair. You have to experience and see the difference for yourself.

What about your hair color?

You will experience more shine, more durability, more conditioning effects with Mask with Vibrachrom by Davines. After years of using different products, Davines is “hands down” the best. Being true to the artist and keeping your hair in it’s best possible version of itself. Here is a list of specific things that are used in Mask with Vibrachrom making it your number one color choice.

“- From the natural world comes quinoa protein extract, that can increase the absorption of colour while improving its retention within the hair fibre and subsequently minimising oxidative damage caused by free radicals. The quinoa used comes from Peru, where it is cultivated with complete respect to the local population and environment.

– From the cosmetic world comes a conditioning agent of vegetable origin which is rich in omega 9. This ensures vibrant and bright colors, thanks to a lipid film that encases the hair fibre, helping to protect and nourish it which smoothing down the hair cuticle to amplify light reflection.

– From the textile world comes a phospholipid carrier, never before used in the cosmetics industry: this increases the penetration of the pigments inside the hair, ensuring uniformity of color from roots to tips.” Davines

Your hair prescription

I recommend products for a reason. If you went to the doctor and he said you had strep throat and wrote you a prescription, would you go to have the prescription filled? Same thing when your stylist prescribes your hair prescription of shampoo, conditioner, and other styling products. It helps keep the longevity of your haircut and hair color.

Be sure to check out my Facebook page, Brushed by Adrienne at Amore ( and stay up-to-date on all of the great sales and beautiful savings just for you. Earn rewards when you refer friends or pre-book your next appointments. The possibilities are always and less and great hair never goes out of style.

All consultations are free.

Call to schedule your next appointment! (574)272-8471

Don’t forget to visit the Spa at Amore’. Anytime you book your spa appointment you can receive a complimentary Davines Blowout.

(Offer good upon availability.)

See you soon!

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