Brushed Studio |Beauty and Well Being


What are your essentials for relaxation this winter? We have a suggestion. The perfect take-home combo for beauty and well-being.

Start with your favorite Neuma shampoo and conditioner, pick your perfect scent from our Brushed Candle collection, and don’t forget your Therapy Rice Pack.

The perfect at home pick-me -up this winter season.

Therapy Rice Packs are new!

Take a break and unwind with any of our uniquely designed Therapy Rice Packs.

Rice packs have been a saving grace around our house. So much safer than a heating pad. Just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and lay it across the aching muscles. They are wonderful for cramps as well.

There are two different eye popping prints in each rice pack. It is double lined for long last. It is filled with approx 14 oz of rice. Measures 5×9 inches. Rice holds heat very well and has a comfortable feel to it. It molds to any surface very easily as well which is so much nicer than the stiff heating pads.

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