Model name Mass-production shipment date
(planned) Sample price
(excluding tax) SXRD241A full HD reflective LCD device August 2018 12,000 yen CXD3554GG high-definition Signal Processing Drive LSI

The market for portable projectors, which are used to project a variety of content such as videos and still images while at home or out of the house, is growing recently, and their use case is expected to expand along with future advances in more compact design and higher resolution.

The SXRD241A utilizes Sony's original fine pixel pitch technology to reduce the pixel pitch, resulting in full HD resolution on a 0.37-type chip. Generally, when narrowing the pixel pitch, image quality deteriorates due to light leakage into the semiconductor element under the pixel electrode, but Sony added light shielding layers and optimized the pixel structure to achieve significantly improved light shielding function. Sony also employed a new Field-sequential color technique that sequentially switches the RGB light sources at high speed and drives SXRD241A at the appropriate time to deliver full color display on a single panel. Moreover, original SXRD technologies developed for 4K high-end home projectors were adapted to achieve high resolution, high contrast, and high brightness.

The CXD3554GG uses an original high-definition signal processing function to maximize the properties of the SXRD display device. It is equipped with a new geometric compensation function which ensures distortion free images even on curved surfaces, as well as an edge blending function which does away with image seams when multiple projectors are combined together, creating a single seamless image. All of these functions based on the LSI that will make portable projectors even more usable. By adapting SXRD241A together with CXD3554GG, it is possible to realize high-definition portable projectors even with compact sizes.

New product (full HD, left) and previous product (WXGA, right)

Main Features

Light shielding structure comparison between
New product (left) and previous product (right)
Image geometry correction
Edge blending

Key Specifications

SXRD full HD reflective LCD display device
Model name SXRD241A
Display size 0.94 cm Diagonal length (0.37 type)
(horizontal x vertical)
Pixel pitch 4.25μm
Aperture ratio 90%
Liquid Crystal mode Normally black
LC Aligned film Inorganic alignment film
High-definition signal processing drive LSI
Model name CXD3554GG
Size 12mm x 12mm x 1.4mm
Package LFBGA 289-pin (0.65mm pitch)
Voltage 3.3V, 1.8V, 1.2V
Input interface MIPI® D-PHY ver1.1, DSI ver1.1
Input frame frequency 120Hz
Communication interface I2C, SPI
Main features Trapezoidal compensation
Geometric compensation
Edge blending
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