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March 28, 2019

NTT Facilities and Sony Form "NSF Engagement,"
a Joint Venture in the Facility Management and Workplace Solutions Business
that Promotes Engagement Between People and Their Workplaces

    NTT Facilities, Inc.
    Sony Corporation
    Sony Corporate Services (Japan) Corporation

    NTT Facilities, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Atsushi Ichihoshi; "NTT Facilities") and Sony Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Corporate Executive Officer, President and CEO: Kenichiro Yoshida; "Sony," and together with its consolidated subsidiaries, "Sony Group") today announced that NTT Facilities and Sony Corporate Services (Japan) Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shigeru Hiromatsu; "Sony Corporate Services"), a consolidated subsidiary of Sony, have signed a definitive agreement for the establishment of NSF Engagement Corporation ("NSF Engagement"), a joint venture in the facility management and workplace solutions business. NSF Engagement will continue to provide the general affairs, facility management and other services to Sony Group previously provided by Sony Corporate Services, while also developing facility management and workplace solutions services for new customers.

    NTT Facilities provides customers with reliable facility management and workplace solutions services based on the technological strength that underpins Japan's telecommunications infrastructure, while Sony Corporate Services provides general affairs, facility management and other services to the Sony Group. By establishing this joint venture, NTT Facilities aims to enter the facility management and workplace solutions business within the manufacturing industry, and Sony Corporate Services expects to realize further improvement of the quality of the general affairs, facility management and other services that support the Sony Group.

    Objective of Establishing NSF Engagement

    Japanese society and industry face various challenges including a shrinking workforce, global environmental problems, a need to revitalize local communities and changes brought to the business environment by Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things. Under these circumstances, it is increasingly important to promote employee engagement for the purpose of securing valuable human resources, and local communities increasingly seek corporate social responsibility.
    NSF Engagement's vision is to "promote engagement between people and their workplaces." The company aims to engage with a wide variety of stakeholders by functioning as a one-stop resource offering planning, managing and operating solutions for diverse workplaces ranging from offices to manufacturing centers. NSF Engagement will strive to:

    • Improve work environments and enhance job satisfaction for its customers
    • Make enhanced contributions to the global environment and local communities
    • Promote professionalism and innovation among NSF Engagement employees

    About NSF Engagement (Current Plan)

    • Company Name
      NSF Engagement Corporation
    • Main Business
      Facility management and workplace solutions
    • Company Representative
      Shigeru Hiromatsu
    • Headquarters Location
      Minato-ku, Tokyo
    • Anticipated Commencement Date of Joint Venture Operation
      October 1, 2019
    • Capital Funds
      100 million yen
    • Shareholder Composition
      NTT Facilities 66%
      Sony Corporate Services 34%
    • Accounting Period
      March 31
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