Giving you more listening power

Open-ear Stereo Headset Xperia Ear Duo

A New Listening Experience that Allows You to Be Connected to the World

The Xperia Ear Duo’s original design, with the Spatial Acoustic Conductor, leaves the ear canal open and enables a new dual listening style—listening to music while hearing your surroundings and staying connected to the world. This means that you will have no problem conversing with the people around you, even while wearing your headset. Because you can hear the outside world, you can also listen to music without any worry of missing important announcements while you are outside, such as at a train station.

Wearable Neck Speaker SRS-WS1

A Powerful Sound Experience Just for You

This is a compact wireless speaker that you can easily use by placing it around your neck and on your shoulders. Through an original acoustic structure and digital audio processing, clear audio envelops the ears of wearers and allows them to experience dynamic and powerful audio, even under circumstances that would normally not allow them to hike the volume. Equipped with a passive radiator that boosts deep pitches, the bass can be felt and enjoyed directly as vibrations. The speaker creates a personal experience, transporting the wearer into the soundscape.

Neck-type Sound Collector SMR-10 Hear the sounds you want to hear, loud and clear

Neck-type Sound Collector SMR-10 boosts the volume of the sounds you want to hear, whether it is a conversation with family and friends or the explanations offered by a tour guide when you are on a trip. A microphone attached to the earphones collects and automatically adjusts sounds according to the environment. Whether you are in a noisy outdoor environment or a quiet room, the sound collector helps you hear more clearly, without the need to change any settings.
SMR-10 can also be used as a wireless TV speaker with no major fuss. All you need to do is connect the charging dock to a television set using the included cable.

  • *This product is not a medical device (i.e., not a hearing aid).
  • *As of January 2018, the Neck-type Sound Collector SMR-10 is available in Japan.
Neck-type Sound Collector SMR-10 Neck-type Sound Collector SMR-10

Wireless Handy TV Speaker SRS-LSR100 Clear audio, even at a distance from the TV

This is a wireless television speaker that comes in handy when it is hard to hear the TV. You can hear the audio clearly through the speaker that you can place right by you. It's equipped with original Sony technology that assists with hearing. It includes Voice Zoom, a feature that allows you to hear spoken audio more clearly, and Auto Volume Control, which automatically adjusts speaker volume according to the amount of noise in the listening environment. The wireless speaker also doubles as a TV remote control. A large on/off switch, large and easy-to-turn volume dial, large buttons, easily legible print and other features make the remote simple for anyone to use. It even has a foldable handle for easy carrying.

  • *As of December 2017, the Wireless Handy TV Speaker is available in Germany and the UK.
Wireless Handy TV Speaker SRS-LSR100 Wireless Handy TV Speaker SRS-LSR100

SmartEyeglass Developer Edition

sound to text right before your eyes

SmartEyeglass Developer Edition by Sony can display conversations in text, just like subtitles, via a new smartphone app 'LiveCap' developed by VerbaVoice.
SmartEyeglass will not interfere with your view, nor is it stressful to your eyes. The superimposed text is easy to read, easy on the eye. In everyday situations and in the workplace, SmartEyeglass will support anyone who needs assistance in hearing, for better and effective communication, in a more natural way.

  • *This feature uses an app developed by VerbaVoice for SmartEyeglass. New apps to support users in various situations, such as navigating you in a new city, are released as they are developed. On the GooglePlay™ Store, download the SmartEyeglass app of your choice.
  • *As of October 2015, 'LiveCap' is currently available in English, German, French and Spanish.
SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1 SmartEyeglass Developer Edition SED-E1
For visualization purposes only. Text displayed on SmartEyeglass cannot be viewed from the exterior. For visualization purposes only.
Text displayed on SmartEyeglass cannot be viewed from the exterior.

There are various ways SmartEyeglass can assist you. From displaying live sports scores, assistance in product assembly and maintenance to navigating the streets, the SmartEyeglass can be used in a wide range of situations.

Directions in front of your eyes Directions in front of your eyes

DUALSHOCK?4 wireless controller with stereo headset jack

The Comfortable sound environment

You can connect your headset to DUALSHOCK?4 wireless controller's stereo headset jack to enjoy your game play. It creates your better gaming environment even when you can't increase the volume, or when you can hardly hear the sound from your TV.

Mono Headset Mono Headset
DUALSHOCK?4 Wireless Controller DUALSHOCK?4 Wireless Controller

Text information for the TV show

This Closed Captioning feature converts audio information of TV broadcasting and IPTV services into easy-to-read text. Even when you cannot pick up the sounds of the TV very well, this feature will assist you in giving the information you need. Closed Captioning is in compliance with U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.

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