True to its DNA, Sony continues to address the challenge of realizing new potential through creative technologies, products and services and a spirit of innovation that focuses on contributing to society. This challenge is undertaken in partnership with a diverse array of stakeholders.

Seed Acceleration Program (SAP) Promotes Innovation

Sony's Seed Acceleration Program (SAP) was launched in April 2014 to collect ideas that are beyond existing business categories and develop them for commercialization. The Sony Group has a broad array of human and management resources in electronics, entertainment, financial services, and other fields. Making innovation happen by launching start-ups continuously in a way that only Sony can, by leveraging collaboration involving technologies and talents that cut across the boundaries of existing specialties, and by accelerating the establishment of tie-ups with joint venture companies that are active in complementary fields.

"First Flight" web site platform
supports new innovation programs

Sony's Entertainment Access Glass helps enjoying movies

As an example, Sony's Entertainment Access Glass provides closed caption viewing and audio playback for hearing and visually impaired patrons. With this glasses, utilizing unique its holographic technology, users can see closed caption text seemingly superimposed onto the movie picture they're watching on screen.In addition, for the visually impaired, audio data can also be transmitted to glasses' receiver box. This solution helps both the people with hearing difficulties and visual impairments enjoying movies more than ever before.
Sony's Entertainment Access Technology is now available theaters in U.S.A. and a part of Europe (Please confirm the availability to local Sony office).

Environmentally and Socially Beneficial Products and Services

In addition to taking steps to lower greenhouse gas emissions from its operations, Sony is developing energy-saving products and IT technologies that help reduce CO2 emissions from Sony products during use by customers.

Sony has developed digital cinema camera since 2000. It contributes not only the reduction of CO2 emissions but efficiency in creating the movie itself. Sony supports the implementation of digital cinema in the theater, too.


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