Updated on August 29, 2019

Privacy and Personal Information Management

Sony has entered a new digital age, where the global privacy landscape and advancements in information and communication technology are changing at a faster pace than ever before. In the wake of the European General Data Protection Regulation, new privacy laws have emerged, continuing to raise the bar for privacy compliance across the world. Alongside rapidly evolving cloud-based and social media services, smartphones and other devices, Big Data and transformative technology such as AI, Sony faces new privacy challenges and risks every day.
To be able to respond to these changes and to ensure Sony continues to earn customers’ trust, Sony maintains a robust global privacy program. Sony’s approach to privacy continues to be grounded in a group-wide governance structure that enables the effective management of potential risks and incorporates privacy controls into business processes, systems and products to safeguard the personal information of Sony customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Privacy Governance

Led by Sony Corporation’s Senior Vice President responsible for Privacy, Sony has a governance structure of privacy and personal information management that covers the entire Sony Group. Sony's privacy management is governed by a set of global policies and standards, which are based on applicable laws, principles and best practices. These policies set forth Sony's group-wide commitment to privacy and define practices and procedures to be followed by Sony executives and employees to ensure appropriate handling and protection of the personal information that Sony collects, stores and/or processes. Sony routinely review and revises these policies and standards to address changes in the risk landscape, and the regulatory environment. Sony Corporation’s Senior Vice President responsible for Privacy monitors the global implementation of and compliance with those policies.
Under the direction of Sony Corporation’s Senior Vice President responsible for Privacy, Privacy Officers and legal departments responsible for privacy and personal information management at Sony Group companies work together and ensure effective implementation of policies and standards.
Strong executive support for, and governance of privacy are essential. Accordingly, executives at Sony headquarter and each Sony Group company take responsibility for playing an active role in managing privacy risks within their organizations and instilling a culture that respects privacy and builds trust.

Safeguarding Personal Information

Protecting the data privacy of Sony’s customers, employees, and other stakeholders is very important to Sony. Sony continues to enhance protection of personal information by evaluating and addressing privacy risks through the use of a global privacy management framework that promotes the integration of privacy principles and requirements into Sony’s data processing activities.
To maintain the trust of customers, employees, and business partners, Sony continuously looks for ways to improve practices, implement stronger controls, and provide more robust security to protect personal information and other information entrusted to its care.

Employee Training

Sony believes every employee has a role to play in safeguarding privacy. To increase the education and awareness of our workforce, Sony requires all employees to receive information security and privacy training.

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