Updated on August 29, 2019

Organizational Culture and Communication


Sony values employee communication. Under a corporate culture that promotes the spirit of freedom and open-mindedness passed down since its founding, Sony fosters diverse communication both within workplaces and across organizational boundaries in order to create value.

Communication between Top Management and Employees

Sony treats communication between top management, including the CEO, and employees as a priority. Through the corporate intranet, information is provided on progress made in the Group's businesses, and communications are exchanged via e-mail and other media. Sony also works to create many other opportunities for direct dialogue between top management and employees. For example, Sony management holds regular informal gatherings and town hall meetings with employees, which cover a wide variety of themes, from technology to management. By sharing opinions from both perspectives, not only do employees gain a closer affinity with management, but the views of employees can also be used to enhance the quality of management.

Employee Engagement Surveys

Sony’s electronics business and game & network service business implement global employee engagement surveys to collect information that is used to increase the engagement of each employee and energize the organizations. The surveys gather information about employees’ trust in the company and attitudes about value creation, career and growth. The survey results and analysis in fiscal 2018 indicated a strong degree of confidence in the future of the Sony Group, but there was room for improvement in employees’ perceptions of the efficiency and effectiveness of work. The survey results were used as the basis for senior management to discuss management issues and personnel strategies. Managers used the survey results for their own companies or organizations, as well as comments from staff who provided them, to conduct open discussions with employees regarding the issues affecting their organization and to make improvements. Sony’s entertainment business and finance business are also implementing similar kinds of surveys.

Communication among Employees

Sony is exploring new avenues for fostering even more active communication. Sony Group companies in the picture business and the electronics business operating in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region have adopted a system that allows employees to recognize and give accolades to peers for their contributions.

Sony employees are voluntarily creating various communities across business and organizational boundaries, which serve as platforms for information exchange, learning, and idea creation. There are roughly 1,000 of these employee-driven communities active worldwide. Sony actively supports these communities by providing venues and platforms, providing endorsement from the management team, and asking management to be involved in planning various activities.

Labor Unions

Sony maintains excellent labor-management relations. Approximately 13% of the overall workforce is unionized.

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