Updated on August 29, 2019

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives in China

Sony's manufacturing sites in China play an important role in the manufacturing activities of the Sony Group. Under the Sony Group Global Policy on Occupational Health and Safety, Sony leverages its accumulated knowledge and experience to secure safe, healthy, and engaging working environments for employees.

Since fiscal 2016, Sony has organized occupational safety working groups with the participation of OHS managers and persons in charge (PICs), principally at its manufacturing sites. These working groups implement a variety of safety initiatives, including near-miss incidents, safety slogan activities, electric bicycle safety experiential activities, and the use of 5 Whys Analysis to identify the root causes of accidents. These safety-awareness activities, in which employees participate directly, have yielded significant results. Since fiscal 2016, the number of commuting accidents has been reduced by 60%, and work-related accidents have been reduced by 50%. Medium-Term Occupational Health and Safety Targets have been adopted since fiscal 2019 in the China region, where OHS activities are being carried out at both manufacturing sites and non-manufacturing sites. Sony will work to achieve its Vision Zero goals by taking measures designed to ensure that its OHS activities yield even better results.

*1 5 Whys Analysis is a technique of root cause analysis (RCA). One arrives at the root cause of the problem by asking the question "Why?" at least five times in succession.

Migration to the ISO 45001 Standard

In China, Sony since 2011 has operated an OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. It is under the governance of the China Regional Safety Office and is structured to include all manufacturing sites. The Regional Safety Office and all manufacturing sites have acquired OHSAS 18001 certification, and the OHS Management System is being properly implemented.

In line with the Global Medium-Term Occupational Health and Safety Targets, the companies in the region plan to migrate to the ISO 45001 standard by the year 2021. They are currently preparing for the migration, especially at manufacturing sites.

Key Activities in Fiscal 2018

Below are some of the various safety activities developed and implemented in China in 2018.

Accident Cause Analysis, and Accident Prevention Measures

In China, Sony has adopted 5 Whys Analysis, a technique often used in accident cause analysis and quality improvement work. To prevent the occurrence of accidents, Sony has its employees learn and utilize 5 Whys Analysis to analyze the causes of accidents, identify their true causes, and adopt proper preventive measures. Sony analyzed 100% of all the accidents that occurred in fiscal 2018, and has held seminars where employees learn to use 5 Whys Analysis, thus improving their analytical capabilities.

Participants in a 5 Whys Analysis seminar

Summer Safety Activities

An analysis of data on past occupational accidents in the China region has shown that over 60% of all accidents took place in the summer and fall. Therefore, since fiscal 2018 at all manufacturing sites Sony has carried out summer safety activities focusing on the fact that people grow tired relatively quickly in the summer. Over the five-month course of these activities, the company has held safety slogan activities and has achieved a participation rate of 96%. Moreover, safety and health risk prediction activities, which are attended at the work-team level, have achieved a 99% participation rate, and more than 30% of the participants in near-miss reporting activities are first-time participants. Zero injury performance was maintained throughout the summer of safety activities.

Sony has continued to carry out these activities in 2019 and has launched a second generation of safety activities, as well.

Risk prediction activity at Sony Digital Products (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
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