Updated on August 29, 2019

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives in Europe

Occupational Health and Safety Risk Reduction Program

In Europe, Sony has identified occupational health and safety (OHS) management as a top priority and has implemented an OHS risk reduction program since 2004. The program aims to lower OHS risk by reducing occupational accidents and strengthening the health and well-being of employees.

This program is based on three main initiatives:

  1. Risk assessment;
  2. Mandatory OHS training for all employees; and
  3. Accident/incident investigation and follow-up.

Program implementation and performance is reviewed by senior management at annual European management review meetings and during corporate audits.

The European Regional Safety Office is committed to ensuring the safety of Sony workplaces in Europe through a variety of OHS programs.

Health Promotion

In addition to risk management initiatives to reduce occupational incidents, Sony sites in Europe have been focusing on health promotion, as well. The benefits of this approach are multiple: improvement of employee's health, increased motivation and productivity, and reduction of employee absence from work.

One Fit at Sony DADC

Sony DADC has been operating its health promotion program One Fit at Sony DADC for more than four years now.

The holistic approach to workplace health promotion also includes initiatives to improve management and corporate culture, the work atmosphere, and work-life-balance. This concept far exceeds Sony DADC’s legal obligations in terms of occupational health and safety.

With the four main areas: sports, prevention, coaching and nutrition, One Fit Sony DADC aims at strengthening employees’ personal resources*1 and well-being. This results in advantages for both the employees and Sony DADC as an employer.

  • *1Personal resources are the within-person capacities which empower a person to alleviate stress and maintain high motivation.

Bottle Post 2019

Last year, Sony DADC launched the One Fit Sony DADC "Bottle Post 2019" photo contest. Every Sony DADC employee in Europe received a high-quality metal drinking bottle to support plastic waste avoidance and to promote a healthy lifestyle including sports activities and outdoor recreation.

When the drinking bottle was distributed, all employees were invited to participate in a photo contest, showing themselves during one of their preferred leisure activities with the drinking bottle in the picture. A high-quality desk calendar was created from the wealth of photos sent in. The calendar was distributed to all Sony DADC employees in Europe and is accompanying them throughout the year 2019.

Bottle Post 2019

ADFC Gold Certificate Award (Sony Stuttgart Technology Center)

* ADFC is a German cyclist association.

For more than 15 years, Sony Stuttgart Technology Center (STC) has been offering its employees a cyclist-friendly infrastructure. STC provides cyclists with a covered and monitored bicycle parking area near the building entrance, as well as changing rooms and showers. Bicycle spare parts such as tubes and tools are available at the reception desk. A cyclist hotline as well as a bike instructor are also available to employees so they can ask for help and advice to help them choose biking routes.

After the introduction last year of a company bicycle-leasing scheme for employees, STC applied for the bicycle friendly employer certificate. The company had to go through a standardized audit process and, with a few adjustments, it eventually succeeded in receiving a Gold Certificate Award .

  • The following achievements convinced both the auditor and the ADFC Jury:
    • STC's consistent bike-friendly infrastructure together with various offers around cycling such as subsidized bike rentals at a nearby bicycle dealer
    • STC’s support of public transport tickets for their employees, which sets standards in comparison to the surrounding automotive industry
    • STC’s promotion of other sports activities by subsidizing membership fees in health, fitness and sports clubs.

The official handover of the Gold Certificate Award took place during a small bike event.

ADFC Gold Certificate Award

Summer Challenge at Sony Europe

Sony Europe has run the Summer Challenge campaign to encourage well-being and teamwork since 2017. Participants can choose to walk, run or ride a cycle. The purpose is to create awareness that exercise is great for body, mind and soul.

At the same time, Sony Europe makes donations to the preferred charities of those teams who achieve the greatest total distance over two months.

Nearly 70 teams from across Europe entered this year's event, which amounts to around 500 participants, including walking/running teams and cycling teams.

By the end of the competition, the runners had covered 76,341km, and the cyclists 86,402km. The top 3 teams in each category were awarded a donation to the charities of their choice. For this year’s challenge, Sony Europe donated €12,000 in total.

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