Updated on August 29, 2019

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives in Japan

Key Activities for Ensuring Healthy, Safe, and Accident-Free Workplaces in Japan

To achieve the Sony Group Global OHS Medium-Term Plan, Sony's business sites in Japan have identified four key initiatives that they will pursue in fiscal 2019 to address three categories of risk - occupational health and safety (OHS) risks, health risks, and fire risks - as set out below.

OHS risks

  • Ensure a smooth transition to the new Sony Group OHS management system standards based on ISO 45001.
  • Continue to carry out activities to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses in order to achieve Vision Zero.

Health risks

  • Reduce health risks and promote employee health with workstyle reform.

Fire risks

  • Improve fire and disaster prevention with the active participation of fire and disaster prevention managers.

OHS Risks

In order to transition to OHS management system standards based on ISO 45001, Sony's Japan Regional Safety Office has identified the re-working of Sony's in-house safety and health standards, and of their implementation, as top-priority tasks. Also, to support the transition at the various Sony Group companies and business sites in the region, Sony has convened briefings on management system standards and held orientation sessions for internal auditors.

To achieve one of action items under its OHS Medium-Term Plan - reduction of accidents caused by unsafe behavior - Sony carries out workplace patrols. The objective of these patrols is to implement 100% of measures designed to prevent risk of slips and falls.

Health Risks

Sony is taking appropriate steps toward workstyle reform. The key is not "having a good workstyle" but "having satisfaction on the job." To ensure that employees have a healthy workplace where there is satisfaction on the job, Sony is pursuing health risk reduction and employee health promotion as top-priority undertakings. In addition to continuing with existing measures such as “no overtime day” and initiatives to reduce late-night work (work performed after 22:00), Sony takes steps to monitor and evaluate workplace conditions, such as stress checks, as part of an effort to preserve and promote mental health. Sony also strives to raise the implementation ratio of workplace improvements and shares information on good practices throughout the group.

In addition, Sony provides support for non-smoking activities, working toward the goal of keeping workplaces free of second-hand smoke.

Fire Risk

To achieve the goal of improving fire and disaster prevention through the active participation of fire and disaster prevention managers, Sony is using the plan, do, check, act (PDCA) cycle to implement, evaluate, and improve fire and disaster prevention activities based on the group's fire prevention plan. At each site, a Fire and Disaster Prevention Committee is incorporated into the existing Occupational Health and Safety Committee, which identifies the key points, shares them throughout the group, and works to ensure that fire and disaster prevention measures are thoroughly implemented.

Legislative Monitoring

To monitor revisions of Japan's occupational safety and health legislation, Sony has specialists on staff who regularly check the group's legislative database, gather information on the latest legislative action, and determine whether recent changes affect any of Sony's various sites. Any sites affected are informed of the relevant legislative action, and the group ensures that all of its sites maintain proper legal compliance. Legislative information is also published in Sony's in-house OHS newsletter in an effort to raise employees awareness of legal compliance issues.


Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Each Sony business site in Japan has an Occupational Health and Safety Committee. These committees are made up of labor and management personnel, meet every month, develop OHS policies tailored to each site, establish targets, develop action plans, and implement initiatives to secure safe, healthy workplaces.

Japan Regional OHS Conference

This conference, which is attended by OHS officers from the group's various companies and sites, is held each year for the purpose of lateral sharing of information pertaining to: group-wide OHS policies, goals, measures, and audit results; the status of occurrence of occupational accidents and illnesses, and progress on achieving goals on this front; risk reduction activities at the various sites; and the status of efforts to maintain and promote health.

Employee Education

Sony's sites in Japan are active in various business fields. The OHS issues for each business differ depending on the field it is in. At the Japan Regional Safety Office, OHS staff from each site attend OHS training courses in order to acquire safety management know-how relevant to their business fields. The courses are held by in-house instructors. They maintain their competence by completing outside seminars or obtaining specific professional qualifications.

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