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Environmental Communication Activities

Sony provides a wide variety of stakeholders with environmental information in an accurate, timely and continuous manner. Sony also holds events with environmental themes and actively promotes environmental education with the aim of encouraging greater general awareness of environmental issues.

Taking Advantage of Sony Events to Raise Environmental Awareness

Since 2015, Sony Electronics Inc. (SEL) in the United States has worked with partners to conduct the Sony Open in Hawaii, a PGA Tour event*1 with an environmental focus. During the tournament, spectators are encouraged to recycle their waste and to use public transportation, bicycles, and other low-impact means of transportation to attend the event. Styrofoam containers and plastic straws were phased out from food service at the event with support from vendors, sponsors, Waialae Country Club and others. The Sony Open in Hawaii has been recognized by receiving the Hawaii Green Event Certification by the State of Hawaii for four consecutive years.

  • *1PGA Tour is the US men's professional golf tour.
Sorting of waste by type to recycle plastic bottles etc

Environmental Initiatives Leveraging Music, Artists, and Events

The Sony Music Group is actively working to protect the environment by encouraging Sony Music artists to help raise awareness of environmental issues through their music and also by taking environmental initiatives in its diverse events and promotional materials.
Since 2009, Sony Music artist Takanori Nishikawa has been organizing the Inazuma Rock Fest, which is the biggest annual music festival in Shiga Prefecture, Japan. The purpose of the festival is to promote the region and raise money for efforts to conserve the water quality of Lake Biwa. The 2018 festival featured many Sony Music artists including Nishikawa himself, UVERworld, and Keyakizaka46, who all performed under the festival slogan “Raise Your Voice for the Future of Water” for some 150,000 spectators. Profits from the festival were donated to local municipalities and public organizations such as the Mother Lake Shiga Foundation, in order to fund ecosystem and aquatic environment conservation efforts including the removal of specified invasive species, and conservation efforts to maintain forests that sustain the water sources of Lake Biwa. A charity auction is held every year in conjunction with the festival, featuring donations from the performing artists. In 2018, the charity auction raised 1.9 million yen for the Shiga prefectural government to fund environmental conservation efforts for Lake Biwa.
Meanwhile, innovation also continues to reduce the environmental footprint of live events. With FreFlow?, a wireless LED light system for live events co-developed by Sony Music Solutions Inc. and Sony Engineering Corporation, the transmission system was reconfigured to accommodate outdated signal transmission standards, enabling older LED lights to be reused and contributing to resource circulation.

Sony Music artist Takanori Nishikawa organizes the Inazuma Rock Fest, which raises money for Lake Biwa conservation efforts

Raising Environmental Awareness through Visual Storytelling

Sony Pictures Entertainment, in association with Sony Pictures Television Networks and the United Nations Foundation, organized the Picture This Festival for the Planet, a short-film competition designed to bring greater awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the power of visual storytelling. The competition asked filmmakers and change makers to submit short films that highlight any one of eight selected goals out of the 17 SDGs. The competition received around 600 submissions from creators in more than 70 countries, which were made available through the Picture This Festival for the Planet website and on social media. The competition raised awareness of SDGs through visual storytelling, attracting around 350,000 website views from 200 countries and regions, and more than one million impressions on social media.

Promotional poster for the Picture This Festival for the Planet

Green Road Environmental Leadership Program for Students

Sony business sites around the world organize environmental programs for students. One example is Sony China’s Green Road program for university students in China, which was launched in 2017 to foster environmental leaders dedicated to building a sustainable society. In fiscal 2018, Sony China organized the Green Road Sony Environmental Camp for University Students, a three-day event attended by leading members of university student environmental groups. The camp was held at a Sony precision component manufacturing plant in China, where the students listened to presentations on Sony’s environmental plan and received a guided tour of the energy-saving air-conditioning system at the plant. The students attended workshops on chemical substance management and resource recycling, all part of a program designed to expand their environmental knowledge.

Students and other participants of Sony China’s environmental camp

Management of Risks Related to Chemical Substances

As a company that uses chemical substances, Sony discloses information on emissions of such substances and exchanges views on safety and environmental issues with residents in the vicinity of its sites, as well as with local authorities, with the aim of reinforcing mutual understanding. For instance, Sony Semiconductor Corporation actively participates in local community events and organizes its own interactive events at all of its in-plant. The company also holds tours of its manufacturing plants, during which it explains to visitors how wastewater is processed by environmental-related equipment.

Raising the Environmental Awareness of Employees

Sony shares information on environmental issues with employees of the global Sony Group. All Group employees in Japan are required to take an environmental e-learning course, and the teaching materials from the course are being used to conduct environmental education at business sites outside of Japan. Sony is raising the environmental awareness of Group employees worldwide, using channels such as the corporate intranet to provide timely environmental information.
Sony organizes an annual event for all Group employees in Japan, where the president and CEO of Sony addresses employees to raise environmental awareness. In addition, Sony presents its environmental initiatives to employees in environmental education courses and events held at sites around the world. In China, for example, Sony Digital Products (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. (SDPW) set up an EHS*1 hands-on education facility in 2016 to provide visitors with an interactive environmental learning experience.

  • *1EHS is the combination word of the initial letters of Environment, Health and Safety.
Interactive environmental learning experience at EHS hands-on education facility in SDPW
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