Updated on August 29, 2019

Environmental Mid-Term Targets for Products and Services

Sony's Green Management 2020 environmental mid-term targets, which extend through fiscal 2020, include the following targets for product/service planning and design. Under these targets, Sony is working to develop environmentally conscious products in the electronics business and to raise awareness of the environment through the entertainment business.

Green Management 2020 Targets for Product/Service Planning and Design
  • Employ environmental features in products
  • Promote environmentally conscious design throughout the life cycle (during production, in use, at disposal, etc.)
  • Raise awareness and inspire action on issues of sustainability from over 500 million people in the world through the entertainment business
Climate Change
  • AC powered devices*1:
    Reduce annual energy consumption by 30% (average reduction rate) (compared with FY2013)
  • Mobile phones and tablets:
    Power consumption at no load condition and in battery maintenance mode: No more than 0.03 W
  • DC powered devices*2:
    Improve energy efficiency and charging efficiency
  • Reduce amount of virgin oil-based plastics per product unit by 10% (average reduction rate) (compared with FY2013)
  • Reduce and substitute key resources other than oil-based resources
  • Aim to minimize resource inputs
  • Promote design for recycling
Chemical Substances Eliminate high-risk applications of "Controlled Substances*3" that are of high concern (polyvinyl chloride, brominated flame retardants, etc.) and use alternative substances
Apply Sony Mobile Critical Substance directive for all products sold by and marked with Sony Mobile Communication Inc. on the product and/or box.
Biodiversity Promote the use of recycled paper and certified paper
  • *1AC powered devices refers to energy-using products which operate the intended main function with energy input from the main electricity grid
  • *2DC powered devices refers to energy-using products which operate the intended main function only with energy input from the battery
  • *3"Controlled Substances" is an abbreviation for "Environment-related Substances to be Controlled," and it refers to substances contained in parts and devices that Sony considers to have significant environmental impact on both humans and the global environment
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