Updated on August 29, 2019

Recycling Activities in China

Compliance with Regulations on Recovery Processing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Products (China WEEE)

In 2011, China enacted the Regulations on Recovery Processing Waste Electrical and Electronic Products. Popularly known as "China WEEE," the regulations that mandate the recycling of five types of products: televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and PCs. As a manufacturer of two of the products-televisions and PCs-Sony is affected by these regulations, which oblige manufacturers and importers to contribute to a fund that is used to cover the cost of processing of waste electrical and electronic products. In compliance with the regulations, Sony (China) Limited makes regular contributions to the fund.

Sony (China) Spearheads Project to Recover and Recycle End-of-Life Broadcasting Equipment

Since 2009, Sony (China) has promoted a project aimed at recovering and recycling end-of-life broadcasting equipment. Since the 1990s, Sony has sold broadcasting equipment in China, including U-matic video recording systems. Sony (China) collects end-of-life equipment directly from broadcasters free-of-charge and delivers them to a recycling company that specializes in commercial equipment, ensures they are dismantled and recycled appropriately. Sony (China) also submits a report on the recycling of these products to broadcasters. In addition, Sony (China) gives broadcasters free pass to attend lectures on HD technology at Sony Academy of Imaging Technology according to the number of end-of-life broadcasting equipment it collects from them.

Through this project, Sony (China) aims to build a cooperative industry-wide circle of cooperation by getting individuals from across the broadcasting industry involved in environmental activities.

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