Updated on August 29, 2019

Improving Product Recyclability

Working with the Sony Group’s Specialized Recycling Company

As one of its strategies for resource efficiency, Sony works to increase the recyclability of its products. When examining various related measures, Sony receives feedback from Green Cycle Corporation, a Sony Group company specializing in the recycling business. Green Cycle Corporation presents ideas and proposals for improvements to Sony headquarters departments with environmental responsibilities, including how to make it easier to disassemble products and separate materials, based on the expertise it has gained through recycling used electronic products and personal computers. Practical measures incorporating those ideas are then drawn up and submitted to design departments for each product category. Meanwhile, Sony supports the efforts of Green Cycle Corporation to improve its recycling technologies while sharing the latest information on product manufacturing.
Green Cycle Corporation also offers company tours that ordinary customers can participate in.

Recycling at Green Cycle Corporation's facilities in Nagoya, Aichi

Holding Workshops on TV Recycling

Sony has been regularly holding workshops on TV recycling since 2006 at Green Cycle Corporation. Its product designers, mechanical designers and other employees in various positions participate. The workshops aim to reaffirm the importance of and need for considering recyclability in product designs, and to ensure those ideas are later applied when creating products. During the workshops, the participants first observe a television disassembly line onsite, and then try to take apart an LCD television themselves. Afterwards, line managers at Green Cycle Corporation explain current challenges and needs, and then exchange ideas with the participants in a discussion. Participants then apply what they have learned when designing products that will be sold worldwide, with a first-hand understanding of the difficult work of disassembling products and ways to make it easier, as well as an appreciation of the importance of reusing materials that have been separated from used products.

Employees disassemble an LCD television
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