Updated on August 29, 2019

Environmental Mid-Term Targets for Operations

Sony's Green Management 2020 environmental mid-term targets, which extend through fiscal 2020, include the following targets for operations at sites. Under these targets, Sony works to reduce environmental impact by taking energy-saving measures at its manufacturing sites and offices.

Green Management 2020 Targets for Internal Operations
Climate Change
  • Reduce absolute GHG emissions from Sony's sites by 5% (compared with FY2015)
  • Use renewable energy equivalent to 300,000 CO2-tons
  • Reduce absolute waste generated by 5% (compared with FY2015)
  • Landfilled waste rate under 1% (excluding waste that Sony cannot control)
  • Reduce absolute usage of water by 5% (compared with FY2015)
Chemical Substances Take actions for classes 1-4. Detailed groups of chemical substances are defined separately.
Class 1 substances: Prohibit use
Class 2 substances: Prohibit use (Exemptions granted for certain applications)
Class 3 substances: Reduce the amounts released and transferred
 >Reduce the amount of VOCs released to the air by 50% from FY2000 level
Class 4 substances: Comply with the relevant laws and regulations and use under appropriate control
  • Implement environmental contribution activities (including conservation activities at Sony's sites) respecting the needs of local communities
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