Updated on August 29, 2019

Administration of the General Shareholders Meeting

Sony's policy on administration of the general shareholders meeting is as follows.

Basic policy for the general shareholders meeting

Sony endeavors to develop open environment where each shareholder could easily make a statement by the following two points, as the basic policy for the general shareholders meeting.

  • To take necessary measures to encourage the shareholders who find it difficult to attend the shareholders' meeting to vote
  • To encourage direct communications between the shareholders who attend the shareholders meeting and Sony's management

Sony sets the date of the general shareholders meeting appropriately, depending on venue availability. Further, Sony displays the voting results gathered before the shareholders meeting date on the screen of the meeting hall during the voting in order to operate the shareholders meeting in a transparent manner.

Activities to secure the rights of shareholders

Sony endeavors to develop an environment in which shareholders could exercise their rights appropriately and effectively, to secure equal treatment of shareholders, including institutional investors who hold shares in a street name, and to consider concerns of minority shareholders and foreign shareholders adequately, through confirming shareholder composition quarterly. As a part of these activities, Sony prepares the convocation notice, giving consideration to the accuracy of the information provided therein and the readability of such notice to facilitate informed voting by shareholders, both in Japanese and English. Sony strives to send the convocation notice for the general shareholders meeting early enough to give shareholders sufficient time to consider the agenda and posts it at its website. Sony also uses an electronic voting platform to allow electronic voting through the internet (via PC, smartphone or mobile phone).
For more information on the general shareholders meeting, please refer to the page below.

Review of voting results

The voting results for each agenda item of the general shareholders meeting and its analysis are reported to and reviewed by the Board as appropriate. The IR Department then takes any appropriate follow-up measures, such as engaging in dialogue with shareholders.

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