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“Diversity and Inclusion” is a source of new value creation.

The Sony Group has a wide range of global businesses, encompassing the electronics, entertainment, and financial services . Our employees have diverse backgrounds, spanning a range of heritages, generations, and genders. Sony’s corporate culture of respecting and understanding the diversity in our global society gives us a significant competitive advantage.

As a core part of Sony's management policy, a Diversity Statement has been formulated since 2013 to promote diversity throughout the entire Sony Group.

Our people are the key to Sony’s continued success. In delivering a workplace where every single employee can feel valued and respected, and fostering a corporate culture that respects the diversity in society, Sony hopes to be a place in which people of all backgrounds can flourish, resulting in new and exciting innovations and value creation for our company.

Sony will actively promote and respect diversity, in areas such as ethnicity and nationality, religion and beliefs, disabilities, gender, age, birthplace, sexual orientation and values, and work styles.

Kenichiro Yoshida
President and CEO
Representative Corporate Executive Officer
Sony Corporation

Kenichiro Yoshida

Diversity Statement

It is in Sony’s DNA - and a source of our innovation - to value different perspectives and backgrounds as we conduct our business activities globally and rise to new challenges.
Sony promotes diversity across the Sony Group as a key management strategy by ensuring an inclusive work environment and by recruiting, hiring, training and promoting employees from diverse backgrounds.

Definition of ‘Diversity’

‘Diversity’ refers to a variety of characteristics that encompass race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, beliefs, disabilities, gender, age, birthplace, sexual orientation, viewpoints and work style, and activities that foster an inclusive workplace.

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