Software Vulnerability Prevention Initiative

If a product offered to customers contains software with security vulnerabilities, it increases the risk of unexpected viruses or other third-party software being introduced, which may result in unintended product behavior, and/or unwanted distribution or loss of data.。

Sony is doing everything possible to prevent security vulnerabilities from occurring in our software products, and to that end we have established the regulation for software development known as "Software Anti-Vulnerability Coding Rules STM-0117" in 2007. Then the scope of this regulation was expanded to the upstream design process, and the name of the regulation was changed as "Standard for Product Security Assurance". This regulation is revised periodically. Sony is also expanding our anti-vulnerability activities by applying the STM-0117 rules to consignment work done by third party software suppliers.

STM-0117 is revised and updated whenever new types of virus software, penetration methods, or unexpected security exploits are discovered, but it is not guaranteed to protect against all forms of software vulnerabilities.

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