Message from General Manager for CIS

The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) comprises a vast region made of 11 countries, focused around Japan's neighboring Russia, and is home to a wealth of natural resources, including crude oil and gases, as well as a middle class of up to 300 million people. We oversee a variety of locally-oriented business firms centered around Russia and Ukraine, in areas like construction machinery/automobiles, forestry, and agricultural chemicals, and challenge ourselves with cutting-edge businesses like data centers and the manufacture of semiconductor production materials.

The 21st century has seen our world becoming increasingly connected. We believe this region, which neighbors China, Europe, and the Middle East, and which together with North America sandwiches the Arctic Circle--an area thought to be able to provide resources for the future of humanity--is the best fit for us to be able to fulfill our grandest dreams.

Daisuke Ohashi
General Manager for CIS