ICT Business

ICT Business Department with over 30 years’ experience in USSR/CIS, conducts business in Communication and Information Technology fields.


Through strong tie-up with technologically sophisticated manufacturers all over the world, we introduce cutting edge technology products to Russian and CIS markets.

We are keen to study existing and potential necessities of customers for technological product, and deliver Best in the World Solutions to generate ultimate value to our customers.

Supply record in Russia and CIS area:

  • Trans-Siberian Microwave Link (Moscow—Khabarovsk) for Rostelecom
  • DOMSAT sattellite system for Rostelecom
  • Moscow—Saint-Petersburg SDH optical link for Rostelecom
  • Express-AM1 Satellite payload for Russian Satellite Communications Company
  • Yamal-300 Satellite payload for Gazprom Space Systems
  • Other satellite equipment for a number of Russian customers
  • Switching and SDH systems for Svyazinvest
  • Sakhalin-2 telecommunication system for Sakhalin Energy
  • Air traffic control system in Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan
  • SDH fiber optic backbone line for KazTransOil
  • Microwave link for Kazakhtelecom

We help young Russian technological companies in telecom and fintech areas to expand abroad in Asian and African markets.


With Sumitomo Corp. Tokyo Head Quarters, driven with long-term sustainable return we pursue strategic investments in established companies.

Examples of invested companies in Russia and CIS area:

  • ER Telecom, a leading telecommunication holding company in Russia. Quadro-play service provider: broadband Internet access, cable and HDTV, landline and mobile communications. (https://ertelecom.ru/)
  • Russian Towers, a market leader of independent telecom infrastructure operator in Russia. The company invests in construction and acquisition of tower structures, provides a range of shared telecommunication infrastructure services to mobile operators, ISPs and other clients. (https://rtowers.ru)
  • Data Center IXcellerate, a leading commercial datacenter in Moscow, among Top-5 players in Russia. (https://ixcellerate.com)

Strategic areas:

Mobile and telecommunications service companies, fintech and adjacent segments.