Metal Products

Metal Products Division of Sumitomo Corporation Central Eurasia LLC (SCER) contributes to Sumitomo Corporation’s Global Metal business, working on the prospective CIS market.

Our company is organized and incorporated in accordance with legislation of Russian Federation, and is able to provide broad scope of services for our Customers in Russia and CIS countries, namely:

  • Sales of metal products, including all scope of logistics services to provide DDP supply;
  • Services related to supplied goods;
  • Technical support and consulting for many of product applications;
  • Accessories supply and additional equipment supply in addition to main product;
  • Partnership with other companies of metal industry.

Our business cooperation with customers from the Far East, Siberia, to the European part of Russia and Russian North goes back to that far 1959 when Sumitomo Corporation Japan has shipped the first lot of pipes from Japanese steel mills.

We are proud of that fact that the first lots of Japanese pipes of OCTG assortment and big OD line pipes for trunk pipeline— novelties developed those years by Japanese metallurgists especially for the USSR—have received so wide application in Soviet Union and were delivered through our trading channels. And to the present, our pipes are successfully applied in projects for oil and gas production and transportation in the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

At the moment Metal Products Division specializes in trading within the following products:

  • Steel pipe products made by the first class Japanese manufacturers to the Russian Federation and the CIS countries;
  • Steel products to the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, such as:
  • Steel plate for shipbuilding and drilling rigs superstructures;
  • Hot-rolled and cold-rolled plate;
  • Cold rolled stainless steel in coils;
  • Rolling mill rolls: forged Back Up Rolls for hot and cold strip mills; casted Work Rolls for cold strip mills; rolls for long products;
  • Wind power shafts;
  • Transformer steel.
  • Welding electrodes produced by Kobe Steel for pipelines welding; 
  • Thermoplastic composite pipes produced by the world's leading manufacturer Airborne Oil&Gas.
  • Steel products from Russia and CIS countries;
  • Titanium sponge to Japanese market. 

Today we have the opportunity to provide our partners with the broadest choice of high-quality tubular goods and products, including OCTG and Line Pipes for all major oil and gas projects, both offshore and onshore, including the largest companies in the fuel and energy complex of Russia and the CIS countries.

We are always glad to discuss the potential partnership with you as well as consult you on technical questions.