Message from General Manager for South America

South America contains rich mineral resources, energy and it is also major production area of food resources. It has roughly 200 million people each who speak Portuguese and Spanish having a big potential for B to C business.

In Argentina and Brazil, the new governments which put high priority on economic growth were born and they are making various reforms rapidly in recent years. In Columbia, the civil war lasting around 50years was finally brought to an end. These mean South America has come at last to realize their inherent potential and demonstrate it to the fullest. Adding Chile which is an honor of Free Trade and Peru which keeps stable economic growth for many years, South America as a whole is moving forward for further growth vigorously.

In this environment, we as Sumitomo Corporation Group is focusing on the development of infrastructure, renewable energy and consumer related business, in addition to our traditional primary business such as mineral resources and agrochemical inputs. We will grow together with our business partners and various companies in South America by utilizing our various business experiences, expertise which are cultivated for long years and worldwide network. And we will contribute prosperity and dreams for the local community.

Haruo Matsuzaki
General Manager for South America