Hair Spa

Brushed Hair Spa Treatments

Give your hair the love that it deserves with any Brushed Hair Spa Treatment. Designed to meet all of your scalp and hair needs in an hour or add on to your existing haircut or hair coloring service.

1 Hour – Treatment with Blowout Style $65

1/2 Hour – Treatment add-on with Haircut or Hair Coloring Service $25

Choose from any four Brushed Hair Spa Treatments.


Cleanse, soothe, detangle, exfoliate, and refresh your hair and scalp with a fresh start.

This hair spa treatment is great for all hair types. A gentle exfoliator removes build-up and residue to refresh, restore and revitalize the scalp. Remove product build-up and any minerals left by hard water. Strengthens hair while it detangles and smoothes flyaways.

* not recommended the same day as your haircolor appointment*


Replenish, restore, and enrich your hair.

This hair spa treatment is perfect for dry and chemically damaged hair.

Rehydrates thirsty hair by restoring lost moisture.?By infusing weightless moisture, hair feels hydrated and more?manageable.


This hair spa treatment is perfect for unruly dry, frizzy, and wavy hair. Tames dry, damaged, frizzy hair caused by chemical treatments,?heat or environmental damage. Improves hair’s smoothness?and sheen by eliminating frizz while protecting color naturally.


This hair spa treatment adds extraordinary illuminating to,your hair. Perfect when combined with your next haircut and gives your haircolor extra protection and shine.

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